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FranklinMoxie was created to help you make good on your goals. Whether you want to write the book, start the business, travel the world, break the record, find the cure, improve the body, invent the solution, or impact the world, we are here to serve you.

People throughout the world live two lives: the one they want and the one they have. In some cases, merging the two is a true struggle that requires overcoming challenges most of us can’t imagine. But for the rest of us, the obstacles are surmountable. Fear of change, fear of unknowns, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of reaching beyond our comfort zones…these are the roadblocks we face.

We can and must overcome these roadblocks, for on the other side of fear live our fulfilled hopes and dreams and a world teeming with brilliant minds crafting and creating brilliant things.

“…on the other side of fear live our fulfilled hopes and dreams…”

That is why FranklinMoxie exists. Most will keep their dreams tucked away in their minds until time runs out; everything they wanted to see or experience, to get or to give, dies with them. It’s a tragic, yet common story. But there are also those rare few who, when given the right message, seize the opportunity and make good on their goals. FranklinMoxie is for you.

Through articles, audios, videos, and courses, we we aim to inspire men, women, and children to move, to create, to act, to build, to launch, to achieve, to begin. In that way, we contribute our “dent in the universe” by helping others make theirs.

You’re capable of more than you realize.

HII’m Jason Gracia, author, entrepreneur, and enduring optimist. I created FranklinMoxie over 15 years ago because, frankly, I couldn’t accept the fact that most people will live their entire lives without ever doing the things they dream about, without ever seeing their grand ideas come to life, without ever making their great contribution.

Life is too short, too unpredictable, to wait any longer to do the things you’re called to do. So I, along with my brilliant wife, Megan, and a host of contributors and co-mentors, will do whatever we can to help you fulfill your potential and make good on your greatest ambitions.

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